4 Tips For Pairing Wine With Vegetarian Food

Wine really is for everyone. If you have embraced a vegetarian diet, you can still pair your food with a nice glass of wine. Just like when pairing wine with meat dishes, the key is to line up the flavors of the dish so that they complement the type of wine that you are drinking. Below are some common types of vegetarian foods as well as the best types of wine to go with them.

Vegetarian Food Type #1: Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are a staple of a vegetarian diet. Green vegetables, such as green beans, kale, and avocados, are the centerpieces of many vegetarian dishes. If you are enjoying a kale and broccoli salad or some nice avocado toast for lunch, pair the dish with either a light white wine or with a glass of sparkling wine.

Vegetarian Food Type #2: Root Vegetables

Root vegetables include things such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, and carrots. Think of some oven-roasted root vegetables, creamy butternut squash, or sweet potato curry. Root vegetable dishes carry full flavor with them and should be paired with full-body wines. With root vegetables, the possible pairings are generous. You can pair root vegetable-focused dishes with full-bodied whites, rose, or even full-bodied light red wines.

Vegetarian Food Type #3: Pepper

If you are making a dish that is big on spices, and one of the predominant flavors is a pepper, such as a chipotle pepper, chili pepper, or a dash of ancho pepper, you need the right wine to go with the bold taste. When you have such a bold state, you want something a little lighter to sip on. Aromatic white wine, rose, and sparkling wine balance out the strong pepper flavor in a dish. If you want to go for a glass of red wine, go with a medium red wine.

Vegetarian Food Type #4: Fungi

Mushrooms are often a staple in a vegetarian diet. From an easy mushroom stroganoff to a portobello mushroom stir-fry to a stuffed portobello mushroom or garlic mushroom kabobs, there are endless mushroom recipes for you to enjoy. Mushrooms are almost a stand-in for meat in the vegetarian diet with their hearty texture and tasty flavor.

Mushroom dishes pair with four different types of wine. If you like white wine, a full-bodied one is best. If you enjoy red wine, a light red wine, a medium red wine, or even a full-bodied red works well. Mushrooms dishes really complement just about any type of red wine that you enjoy.

You can often find the wine types listed above in the wine section of your grocery store, at a specialty wine shop, or you can even order wine online.

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